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If you can't buy the parts, why do the calculation?  Standard Values uses EIA standard resistance values in five tolerances to find the optimum solutions for voltage dividers, inverting op-amp gain, noninverting op-amp gain, as well as checking entered values against the EIA standard values.

All calculations are optimized to find the best value pair taking the tedium out of doing multiple calculations to find the best result.  Doing the calculation manually (picking one value and solving for the other) only results in the best solution by chance.

With the values entered in the solver, tapping the tolerance button recalculates new results based on the previously entered values.  For each solution the range of the output value is found for the tolerance used.

Standard Values solves for which ever values are missing.  For instance, in the voltage divider solver, entering voltages solves for resistance values while entering resistance values solves for the output voltage.  When there is not enough information entered help is provided.  If desired a nonstandard value can be entered and the entry will be honored.

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Available for the iPhone

Mood Melodies great way to escape with your thoughts or block out the world while you focus on what you want to do.

Rarely discordant and often pleasing, Mood Melodies synthesizes music based on your settings. Select the instruments to use and the complexity of the sound and Mood Music will generate a continuos stream of music for you. Much more than a wind chime using random notes, Mood Music follows a set of musical rules to generate a never repeating sound scape of melodies.

The music is accompanied by a unique visual display to enhance the listening experience. Each note played causes an object to appear that floats and tumbles as it fades out, its color mixing with others and the undulating background color created by the chords played.

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